LCPH Paphos (Cyprus) to LLHA Haifa (Israel)

Leg: 10
Take-off: Paphos International Airport (Cyprus) – ICAO: LCPH
Landing: Haifa International Airport (Israel) – ICAO: LLHA
Distance: 171,6nm

Live tracking from flight plan data (

A beautiful morning in Cyprus with calm winds, perfect for a trip further East to Israel. Geographically Cyprus is already Asia, but for me this flight feels like I’m leaving Europe and entering Asia, a new part of our world trip. After take-off, we immediately turn left over the Mediterranean Sea, south of Cyprus, and we land at Haifa, in the North of Israel, at the far east of the Mediterranean Sea. This whole flight is overseas, so it’s a bit monotonous, but we need to progress and it’s a short flight, so no big deal.

Again, at landing, I was disappointed with the scenery. When you don’t have custom add-on scenery for a less known airport, it can look really ugly, but I’m happy to have a landing strip.

Despite a blue filled circle with lines at each side (to identify an airport with a fuel station) on the map, there’s no fuel at this airport. But we still have more than enough fuel for the next leg, so I’m not going to fill the tanks here.

I searched Google for a better LLHA scenery and I found one, but when loaded, there WAS a fuel station (“Jolly!”)… situated in the center of the runway. *sigh* 

I’m afraid that the scenery in less known airports between Europe and East-Asia (Japan, …) won’t always be as good as lots of European and US airports, but – as I said – I’m already happy when there’s a landing strip! 😀

Next time, we travel deeper into Asia with a flight to Saudi Arabia!

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