LTAI Antalya (Turkey) to LCPH Paphos (Cyprus)

Leg: 9
Take-off: Antalya International Airport (Turkey) – ICAO: LTAI
Landing: Paphos International Airport (Cyprus) – ICAO: LCPH
Distance: 154,6nm

Live tracking from flight plan data (

Before starting this flight, I did some research about airport scenery. On the screenshots you will see a huge improvement for the departure airport of Antalya (LTAI), because of the freeware scenery. Some authors/designers are so good! 🙂

In this IFR flight, we do a cross overseas from Southern Turkey to the island of Cyprus during daytime. The weather is good, there’s a cooling breeze of 15kts overseas, but the winds are calmer over the mainland. For a quick view on the weather, METAR, wind and cloud conditions, I use, a totally free website advised by a user on the flightsim Subreddit (I’m /user/gaadvis by the way 🙂 ).

I got a fuel warning during this flight, because of the (freeware) sceneries who don’t include fuel stations (despite having fuel service in the real-world counterpart), but we had more than enough to reach Cyprus. The landing went smooth.

Again, no fuel service at this airport in FSX, which is very weird because this is an international airport. I downloaded this freeware LCPH scenery, so maybe it’s a flaw in the design. Anyway, knowing that there’s a fuel service in the real-world counterpart, I manually set the fuel tanks to 100%.

Also, for this flight I changed the texture set for “Water/waves” with REX 4 Texture Direct to “Set 09 – Dark – Default”. During previous flights, I thought the sea water looked too blue and unnatural, but this setting seems to solve that problem and I think the sea water looks very beautiful now.

You can find a lot of good (and some bad) stuff at this freeware FSX scenery website.

Next up, Israel!

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