LTFB Selçuk / Kuşadası Airport (Turkey) to LTAI Antalya (Turkey)

Leg: 8
Take-off: Selçuk Efes Airport (Turkey) – ICAO: LTFB
Landing: Antalya International Airport (Turkey) – ICAO: LTAI
Distance: 176,9nm

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It’s a perfect day for a beautiful cross-country IFR flight above Turkey. We take a straight shortcut over the Southwest corner of Turkey in order to get to Antalya to cross the Mediterranean to Cyprus in our next flight.

For the approach at Antalya, we had to fly over the national park (Sivri Dağ Milli Parkı) with mountains up to 11.000ft, as I could see on the aeronautical charts of I was curious which vectors the built-in traffic control of FSX would give me with such a high altitude mountain range close to the airport and as I expected, I had to ignore some instructions to avoid collision against a mountain. Well, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, so I will forgive FSX ATC this one.

ATC told us to fly the approach to runway 36L, but I requested approach on runway 36R – which has an ILS approach – in order to have some practice with the G1000 glass cockpit instruments. ATC approved that request and a few moments later, I got cleared to land at this very busy (!) airport. At the first attempt, 200ft before touchdown… ATC told me to go around, because there was still a plane on the runway. I guess the big bird in front of me wasn’t fast enough to clear the runway. The second approach was better with less traffic and I got a smooth landing.

The default FSX scenery of this LTAI airport is not bad, but before departure on the next flight we searched for some freeware scenery and gave this airport an update. Also, I changed the textures of the water, because I thought they were a bit too blue and unnatural. Check it out in the next flight report from our leg to Cyprus.

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