LGAV Athens (Greece) to LTFB Selçuk / Kuşadası Airport (Turkey)

Leg: 7
Take-off: Eleftherios Venizelos International (Athens, Greece) – ICAO: LGAV
Landing: Selçuk Efes Airport (Turkey) – ICAO: LTFB
Distance: 160,8nm

Live tracking from flight plan data (http://maps.fsxworldtour.com)

I take off at dusk for this IFR flight. No moon, so it’s pitch black. I missed my first landing and the second landing was a hard one… landing in pitch black at an airport with bad lighting is difficult! I discovered afterwards that I landed at a military airport (that would make a great story in real life, huh?). We haven’t got any facilities here, no gates, no parking, no fueling, so we park in the grass next to the landing strip.

The scenery at this airport, combined with FTX Global Vector, does some weird stuff. In real life, there’s a busy road next to the airport, but in FSX the road or the tower is a bit off position and the road goes straight through the control tower. Not so good…

Hopefully a better airport in Antalya

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