LGKR Corfu (Greece) to LGAV Athens (Greece)

Leg: 6
Take-off: Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport (Corfu, Greece) – ICAO: LGKR
Landing: Eleftherios Venizelos International (Athens, Greece) – ICAO: LGAV
Distance: 213,9nm

Live tracking from flight plan data (http://maps.fsxworldtour.com)

For this IFR flight, I’m flying “real date and time” in the late afternoon. ATC vectors me to an approach with 15kts of tailwind… not very realistic, right? When planning this flight, I would have thought that I would see Athens, but this airport is situated North-East of the city and with approach at runway 21R, the city was nowhere to be seen.

I use FTX Global Vector for the first time and the difference is huge. Beautiful coastlines and added detail, but beware because it requires some serious horsepower from your computer.

Next up, we visit the paintshop to get our plane a new personalized livery.

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