LDDU Dubrovnik (Croatia) to LGKR Corfu (Greece)

Leg: 5
Take-off: Dubrovnik (Croatia) – ICAO: LDDU
Landing: Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport (Corfu, Greece) – ICAO: LGKR
Distance: 192,5nm

Live tracking from flight plan data (http://maps.fsxworldtour.com)

A IFR flight at dawn, clear skies to start with and a slight crosswind breeze at landing. This was one of my first (“self-configured”) landings with VOR/DME (because no ILS at LGKR). I already read the documentation in the FSX help center, I have flown the built-in lesson and I did some Google searches to learn more about it, but this was a good practical learning experience.

For this flight, I had bought new payware after reading some good comments about it and see people playing around with it on Youtube: EzDok Camera. EZDok Camera is a cool camera manager which allows smooth transitions between and easy configuration of different camera viewpoints. It also adds visual effects of camera shake, caused by aircraft accelerations and turbulence that makes flying a bit more immersive. Take a look at my video sample to get an idea about the effects of EzDok Camera (and to get a look around the Alabeo C400 Corvalis TT of course):

After this flight, I noticed that the approach in FSX doesn’t look at all like the real-world situation. The airport is supposed to be partly situated in bay, but it is surrounded by one large landmass in FSX. Not very realistic… so back to Google search and I read about FTX Global Vector, which provides more accurate coastlines, rivers, lakes and other water bodies. Vector uses new shoreline and beach textures to add more realism which provides a more integrated and natural appearance. Again payware… but seeing what this does to the realism is a major asset. So, FTX Vector is scheduled for the next flight.

Add-on airport scenery is also an option, but if I have to buy an add-on for most airports where I’m planning  to land on this world tour, I’ll be bankrupt before I’m half-way. I’ll have to remind myself to check out some freeware airport scenery before taking off to a location. There are some really talented people out there, but many add-ons are outdated or not compatible with FTX, so it’s a difficult situation.

In the next flight, we will plan going to the capital of Greece, Athens.

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