LIRQ Peretola, Firenze (Italy) to LDDU Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Leg: 4
Take-off: Peretola, Firenze (Italy) – ICAO: LIRQ
Landing: Dubrovnik (Croatia) – ICAO: LDDU
Distance: 318,9nm

Live tracking from flight plan data (

I schedule an evening IFR flight to Croatia. We take off in dusk, cruise at 11.500ft altitude across the Adriatic Sea and land in darkness in Croatia. This time, the instructions to approach from ATC were a lot better and I had a good landing, despite the fact that I landed a bit off center.

I had problems with dark squares during night time, but I purchased DX10 scenery fixer and this solved all issues with flickering and black textures. For FSX fans who like to enable “preview DirectX 10”, this tool is a must! It costs a bit of money, but it’s worth it.

Greece is our next destination!

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