LFLL Lyon–Saint-Exupéry Airport (France) to LIRQ Peretola, Firenze (Italy)

Leg: 3
Take-off: Lyon–Saint-Exupéry Airport (France) – ICAO: LFLL
Landing: Peretola, Firenze (Italy) – ICAO: LIRQ
Distance: 285,7nm

Live tracking from flight plan data (http://maps.fsxworldtour.com)

This is the first flight where I considered taking screenshots to document the world tour.

I left at dawn with this IFR flight from Lyon (France) to Firenze (Italy). The cruising altitude was set at 17.500ft, because of the height of the mountains of the French Alps. After the Alps, I requested ATC to decrease my cruising altitude to 11.500ft. Because of the high altitude, I declared my first approach as missed to ATC and went for a go-around to get to a decent approach altitude. It was a visual approach with a bit of crosswind, but landed right on the spot.

I experienced black and flickering textures due to enabling the DirectX 10 preview in FSX. After searching Google, I tried to solve my problems with some suggested fixes and a freeware DX10 FSX problem solving tool, but wasn’t satisfied with the results. So I decided to buy DX10 Scenery Fixer, which fixed all texturing and flickering issues and provided some extra eye candy (better shadows, better lighting, …). If you have graphical issues in FSX, I would recommend buying this add-on if you got some spare cash.

Next time, we cross the Adriatic Sea on our way to Croatia!

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