EBKT Kortrijk – Wevelgem (Belgium) to LFPB Le Bourget – Paris (France)

(Sorry, this report is limited in size, content and screenshots, because it was created after the decision to keep track of my world tour on this website)

Leg: 1
 Kortrijk/Wevelgem Airport (Belgium) – ICAO: EBKT
Landing: Paris-Le Bourget Airport (France) – ICAO: LFPB
Distance: 115nm

Live tracking from flight plan data (http://maps.fsxworldtour.com)

The first flight, the start of a very long tour (which I will hopefully finish) and also the beginning of a learning process. I’m familiar with the Flight Simulator franchise, for over 27 years (since I was 8 years old), but I was never focused long enough to really get the most out of (simulation) flying an aircraft. To keep myself motivated and to avoid boredom (Belgium is a flat and dull country – it gets boring quickly), I’m doing this trip around the world. It will be a steep learning curve, and I will – no doubt – learn a lot by experience. This maiden flight is already a good example.

I started with a VFR flight to Charles de Gaulle International Airport, France (LFPG). When arriving within communication range and asking for landing permission, I was told that VFR landings were not allowed at this airport. I searched for another airport in the immediate vicinity and luckily I stumbled upon Paris-Le Bourget Airport. First lesson learned: always plan ahead and check the charts. The landing went okay, but I will have to practice a lot more to get smooth landings in the center of the runway. Maybe we’ll get a better landing with ILS at our next flight, going to Lyon.

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